Aquasweep Dock Post Mounting Bracket by Scott


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Scott Aerator Dock Post Mounting Bracket for Aquasweeps and De-Icers #16501

The dock post mounting bracket allows you the flexibility of mounting your Scott Aerator Aquasweep or Deicer to docks where the standard dock mounting plate cannot be mounted. ?

?The dock post mounting bracket uses stainless steel ?U-bolts to attach the bracket to the dock post. The Aquasweep’s mounting ?shaft is then clamped in the other end of the bracket.

The stock U-bolts that come with the bracket fits posts up to 1 7/8″ in diameter. However, the slots through which the U-bolts attach are wide enough to accept a 3/8″ threaded U-bolts that would fit a 2 1/2″ diameter dock post. You would need to find a source for these U-bolts to fit the larger posts. Stainless steel U-bolts are recommended.

The dock post mounting bracket can also be used to mount the Aquasweep to a Free-Standing Post. This feature allows you to install your Aquasweep in locations without a dock! ?Using a free-standing post, you can locate your Aquasweep in hard to reach locations, and no dock is required. ?

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