Bearon Ice-Eater / Boat and Dock De-Icer (Power House)


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Bearon Aquatics Ice-Eater / Dock and Pier De-Icer

NOTE: Bearon Aquatics was previously called The Power House Inc

The Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater prevents ice from forming around boats, marinas, docks, and piers. It accomplishes this by circulating warmer water from the bottom of the lake or pond toward the water’s surface. This warm water flow helps to prevent ice from forming and also melts any existing ice. It can be used in ponds, lakes, marinas, and other bodies of water where ice formation can cause problems.


  • Each Ice Eater is shipped complete with suspension lines. It can be taken directly out of the box and hung from boats and piers.
  • It can also be mounted to your dock or pier with a Dock Mount.
  • It can also be mounted with a Shallow Water Bottom Stand.

The Bearon Ice Eater In Action


1/4 HP
Model P250

1/2 HP
Model P500

3/4 HP
Model P750

1 HP
Model P1000
Areas Protected Boats, Docks, Marinas, Piers
Expected Open
Ice Diameter
20 – 25 Ft 40 Ft 60 Ft 80 Ft
Revolutions per Minute (RPM) 1650 RPM
Pounds of Thrust 28 Pounds 32 Pounds 34 Pounds 36 Pounds
Voltage 115V or 230V
Power Cord Options 115V – 25′,50′,100′,150′ 230V – 25′,50′,100′,150′,200′
Amps (115V/230V) 2.5 / 1.25 Amps 6 / 3.0 Amps 6 / 3.0 Amps 7 / 3.5 Amps
Wattage 288 Watts 690 Watts 690 Watts 805 Watts
Daily Operating Cost (24 hours/day)* $0.69 $1.66 $1.66 $1.93
Includes Aluminum Anode**
Shroud Dimensions 12″ W x 6″ H 12″ W x 12″H 14″ W x 15″H 14″ W x 15″H
Optional Screen Kits N/A Small Screen Kit Large Screen Kit Large Screen Kit
Optional Dock Mount** N/A Dock Mount Dock Mount Dock Mount
Warranty 3-Year

*Cost Per Day is calculated at $0.10 per kilowatt-hour. Please note that costs vary by location.


  • Two (2) 25ft x 3/8in suspension ropes include, along with two (2) shackles, and an anti-corrosion aluminum anode
  • Only stainless steel bolts and locking aircraft nuts are used.
  • Normally mounted 2 ft – 3 ft below the water’s surface.
  • The dIce Eater*s white housing/shroud with its flared ends creates a venturi flow that creates more thrust and higher flows of warm water than other de-icers.
  • A set of mounting holes along the edge of the flange allows the lines to be attached. These lines suspend the housing/shroud and allow it to be oriented either vertically or at an angle.
  • Ice Eater de-icers are designed and engineered for maximum performance.
  • Icee Eaters work equally well in both fresh and saltwater.
  • The energy-efficient Ice Eater will agitate more water than any de-icer on the market today.



The Power House Inc Ice Eater Di-Icer Product Brochure


The Power House Inc Ice Eater Di-Icer Owners Manual

Additional information

Select Power

115V, 230V

Select Motor Size

1.0 HP, 1/2 HP, 1/4 HP, 3/4 HP

Select Cord Length

100 Feet, 150 Feet, 200 Feet, 25 Feet, 250 Feet, 300 Feet, 350 Feet, 400 Feet, 50 Feet


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