IonGen System G2 by Aquascape


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IonGen System G2 by Aquascape

The Aquascape IonGen System G2 is a cutting edge way to effectively kill string algae in your pond, Pondless Waterfall, or other decorative water feature. The system uses a microprocessor to send a signal to its ion-producing probe which then helps control the growth of algae throughout your entire system (up to 25,000 gallons). Not only is this system much more effective than traditional liquid chemicals, but it is also compatible with fish and plants. Additionally, the simple-to-install and energy-efficient design make the IonGen System G2 a perfect choice for any discerning pond owner or professional. Best of all, it typically costs less than $1 per month in electric costs!


  • Controls unsightly algae without chemicals
  • Simple, tool-free installation
  • Indicator notifies you when the probe needs to be replaced
  • Includes electronic control panel, transformer, flow chamber, probe, and multiple fittings
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty



Aquascape IonGen System G2 Probe Safety Data Sheet



Aquascape IonGen System G2 Electronic Algae Controller Instructions Manual


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