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Kasco Marine 5HP Fountains Add Elegance in Mid to Large Ponds. 100′ to 400′ Cord Lengths Available

Kasco’s 5.1JF and 5.3JF decorative fountains are the perfect way to beautify any mid-to-large size pond or lake. This versatile fountain comes with five interchangeable nozzle heads giving you the option to choose and change the spray pattern as you wish. ?Optional lighting packages are available to extend the?viewing time into the evening ?hours.

These units are available in a variety of power configurations including 240V single phase (60Hz) and 240V ?or 460V three-phase (60 Hz). They are easily installed and come complete and ready to go with everything you need to add beauty and drama to your water. Assembly take about 30 minutes from unboxing to setting in the water.

Click ?HERE ?for the Kasco Marine fountain Sizing chart.

Specifications and Pattern Sizes

Kasco 5 HP JF Decorative Fountain Specs and Nozzle Sizes

Easy Assembly Guide for Kasco 5 HP J-Series Fountains


  • 5 nozzles included with patterns ranging from 18-32 Ft High x 6-46 Ft Wide
  • Can operate in water as shallow as 26 inches?
  • One piece float design. Assembly is quick and easy in 30 minutes
  • High efficiency design means low power consumption and low operating costs (20 running amps on 60 Hz single phase 208V-240V circuits, 16 running amps on 60 Hz three phase 240V circuits)
  • Unique Kasco water-deflecting nozzle design delivers industry best clog-resistance
  • Optional light packages available
  • Heavy-duty motor and corrosion resistant design; suitable for salt-water or other corrosive environments
  • Safety Tested: ?ETL listed to UL and CSA standards
  • Low maintenance and dependable design
  • Multiple options for power cord length; ?all SJTOW underwater rated
  • Three 50 ft. (15M) braided nylon mooring ropes included
  • Ships via FedEx?
  • 5-year warranty standard

Control Panels

The ?5.1JF ?Decorative Fountains come with the Kasco C-95 Fountain Control Panel, which will deliver the performance and safety you need to get the most from your Kasco Fountain,. The C-95 Control Panel is a 30 amp control panel featuring GFCI protection, a 24-hour timer for the fountain motor being controlled and a second 24-hour timer for optional lighting. Surge protection, and a terminal block for hardwiring the equipment are included, all in a thermoplastic NEMA 3r/4x enclosure. The C-95 Control Panel requires a hard-wire connection to four leads (L1, L2, a neutral, and a ground) and must be installed by a qualified electrician.

  • 240V
  • Single Phase
  • 30 amp

Kasco C-95 Control Panel For 240V Fountains

The ?5.3JF ?Decorative Fountains come with the ?CF-3252 ?Kasco Marine Controller. The CF-3235 offers dual 24-hour timers (one for the fountain and one for lights) in a GFCI protected 3 phase control panel. This UL-508A listed non-metallic 4x/3r panel has a 5ma trip level GFCl, a motor starter with adjustable overload, lightning/surge protection, and a Hand-Off-Auto switch.

  • 208/240V
  • Three Phase
  • For use with 2, 3, and 5 HP units

Optional Lighting

Before completing your order, please check out the various optional lighting package that are available for this fountain.

kasco marine LED lighting

These include:

  • Waterglow RGB LED Lighting
  • LED Lighting in Composite Housing
  • LED in Stainless Housing

J Series Premium Nozzles

For additional aesthetic impact, please consider buying an optional ?Premium Nozzle. Unique, bold and known for their style and class, these unique nozzles offer additional spray patterns for every model of fountain in the J Series.?

kasco marine j series premium nozzle chart


Kasco Marine 5.1JF & 5.3JF Decorative Fountain Owner's Manual


Kasco Marine 5.1JF & 5.3JF Decorative Fountain Specifications Sheet


Kasco Marine Fountain Product Flyers

Additional information

Power Supply

3-Phase, Single Phase

Cord Length

100', 150', 200', 250', 300', 400'


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