Kasco Robust-Aire RA4 Pond Aeration Kit with 4 Diffusers


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Robust-Aire RA4 Pond Aeration Kit with 4 Diffusers by?Kasco

The NEW Robust-Aire diffuser design uses an easy to assemble, self-weighted, stainless steel base that lands upright every time. ?The built-in strain relief is infinitely easier to use, with no hardware required, while providing the same holding strength. In addition, custom edge guards are included to protect lined ponds. The updated diffuser heads can easily be integrated into older systems with no issue or difference in performance.

Common applications include: backyard ponds & lakes, industrial, mixing, winterkill prevention, waterfowl protection, and more. All Robust-Aire ?? diffused aeration systems are available with an optional remote manifold allowing you to install the compressor up to a mile away from the water’s edge. Additional benefits include:

  • No electricity in the water
  • Effective in depths 8 ft. -50 ft. (2.5M-15M)
  • Compressor can be remotely installed up to 1 mile away (1.6K)
  • Backed by a 2 year warranty


The Kasco RA4 Aeration System is well suited to aerating larger ponds up to 4 acres in size based on a depth of 15′ or greater. ?Less depth will reduce the coverage area.


Effective aeration can be achieved in 3 acre ponds 5 to 8 feet deep, 4 to 5 acre ponds 8 to 12 feet deep, and 6 to 7 acre ponds 12 to 16+ feet deep.


The two 1/4 HP compressors in the kit draw 5.1 amps on a 120v, and 2.6 amps on the optional 230v configuration ?(contact us if you require 230v).


Air output is 6.4 cfm’s at 10 psi. ?Maximum operational depth is 50′


The Robust-Aire RA4 system includes:??

  • Two KM-60 model ? HP Teich-Aire compressors. Cabinet is optional (see below).
  • Two dual-port aluminum manifolds with valves??
  • Four Robust Aire diffuser assemblies



Base Mount Cabinet

  • Can operate 1-6 diffusers
  • 24 in. x 18 in. 20 in.
  • Great choice if compressor can be on the ground with access to ventillation from below
  • 120 volt receptable or a 240 volt junction box
  • two cooling fans provide 110 CFM ventilation each
  • 6 ft. power cord from cabinet
  • Powder-coated aluminum for increased durability
  • Compressors are mounted at the factory
  • Acoustical foam included in cabinet to reduce noise levels
  • Cabinet includes keyed lock
  • Nature-green color blends well with outdoor surroundings
  • Note: Place on flat surface to allow ventilation from underneath


No Cabinet Option

  • Cooling fan and universal mounting platform included
  • Allows for easy compressor maintenance
  • 6 ft. power cord from compressor
  • Mount brackets allow for easy installation
  • Must be protected from weather
  • Must still allow for adequate ventilation
  • Least cost option
  • Note: Great flexibility, used in unique applications


? ?

Kasco Robust-Aire Systems


Kasco Robust Aire Aeration System Owners Manual


Kasco Robust Aire Aeration System Specifications Sheet


Kasco Robust Aire Sub-Surface Diffuser Assembly Manual


Kasco Robust Aire Sub-Surface Aerator Product Flyer

Additional information

Select Motor Size

(2) 1/2HP, (2) 1/4HP

Select Power

120V, 240V

Remote Manifold Option?

Add Remote Manifold, None


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