Scott Free Standing Post with Dock Post Mount


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Scott Free Standing Post by Scott Aerator. Includes the required Dock Post Mount

Everything you love about dock-mounting our ?Dock Mounted Aquasweep and De-Ices, minus the dock! This super sturdy stainless steel 1.25″ x 8-foot long post installs directly into the ground beneath the water so you can get the advantages of blasting muck further from shore or in areas where you don €?t have a dock!

Installation requires no special tools ۤ simply drive the post down into the lake bottom using the steel post diver provided. Then use the dock post mounting bracket (included) to attach your Aquasweep or Dock Mounted De-Icer to the free-standing post! Comes complete with the dock post mounting bracket.

Comes with:

  • Stainless Steel Mounting Pole
  • 4 Prong Stabilizer (Each arm projects out 12 inches and down 6 inches)
  • Dock Post Mounting Bracket
  • 24″ Driving Sleeve

The Free Standing Post should not be used in conjunction with the Scott Oscillator.


Scott Original Oscillator Installation Manual


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