ShinMaywa 7.5HP Variable Speed Control Panel FP61-275/ALVP070


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7.5HP Variable Speed Control Panel for 3 Phase Pumps – FP61-275/ALVP070 by?ShinMaywa

ShinMaywa Variable Speed Pump Control Panels are an ideal solution for homeowners who want to increase the control and performance of their water features. With the ability to use three-phase industrial duty motors in single-phase residential applications, these panels provide increased pump efficiency, longevity, and improved flow control capabilities. Designed specifically for ShinMaywa CNL pumps, the Variable Speed FP61-275/ALVP070 Pump Control Panel is a great choice for anyone looking to customize their water feature. This control panel can handle even the most demanding applications with an output of 27.5 amps and 7 horsepower. Installation is easy with convenient wiring connections and simple setup instructions. ShinMaywa Variable Speed Pump Control Panels are the perfect choice for anyone looking to customize their water feature with increased control and performance. ?Take control of your water feature today! ?Get a ShinMaywa Variable Speed Pump Control Panel and experience the difference.

Advantages of Variable Speed Panels:

  • No inrush current (which causes dimming of lights)
  • “”Soft starting” and “soft stopping” of pumps. Reduces water hammer and extends the life of the pump
  • Superior motor overload protection as well as voltage and power loss protection
  • Detects faults,? short circuits, and clogging? and shuts down the pump in microseconds to prevent irreparable pump motor damage
  • Allows you to slow down motor at night, saving power while maintaining critical circulation
  • Takes the place of multi-speed motors or valves when used for water effects
  • Gives the owner the ability to vary the speed of the pump achieving different water features looks and noise levels

Panel Includes:

  • NEMA 4X weatherproof enclosure
  • Terminals for incoming power and pump connections
  • 24-hour timer to control on/off or high speed/low-speed functions
  • On/off/auto switch to switch between timer and manual control
  • Speed knob for variable speed control
  • Front cover to protect from inadvertent shock
  • Includes a 2-year warranty
Item # Amps 3 Phase HP Dimensions Weight Warranty
FP61-275 27.5 7.5 30″ x 24″ x 12″ 150 lb 2 Years


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