Submersible Pump Screens by EasyPro


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EasyPro Submersible Pump Protector Screens

These handy intake screens?will help protect submersible pumps from debris when installed in any?lake, pond, river, or tank. They help ensure long pump life by keeping?sticks, weeds, fish, and other large debris from getting sucked into the pump.

  • Approximate outer dimensions: 12″ Diameter x 14″ Tall or?20” Diameter x 18″? Tall??( inner dimensions are smaller as seen in the photos due to the internal support ledge )
  • Constructed from heavy-duty 1/2″ x 1″ mesh screen
  • The drawstring top allows for easy pump removal/ inspection and will draw up tight to any pipe from 1 1/2″ to 4″ in diameter
  • Screens can be used either vertically or horizontally

Available in two sizes:

Item Number ?Dimensions
SPS12 12″ dia. x 14″ tall
SPS20? 20″ dia. x 18″ tall


Additional information

Screen Size

12 Inch, 20 Inch


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